Nutritional and Dietary Analysis

Understand your own nutritional needs to buck plateaus and be your absolute best.

With MSN Pro Coaching’s Nutritional and Dietary Analysis, Coach Mike will work with you to outline your current diet, analyze your fueling needs, and then craft a personally tailored and scientifically backed diet to revamp your performance.

In-Depth Athletic Analysis

This package begins with the collection of your body metrics, and then its juxtaposed and analyzed against your performance data to obtain burn rate, activity level, and your macro needs.

Also available are mineral deficiency and sweat rate tests to complete your total dietary snapshot. Once all the data processing has been completed, a personalized 1 hour long presentation will be delivered to help you understand what your body needs to improve. This includes fueling and meal recommendation.

This package is best tailored for athletes looking to get the competitive edge through proper weight management or to help those athletes looking for ways outside of training to break performance plateaus.

For the complete overview of your athletic potential, consider pairing the nutritional analysis package with the MSN Pro Coaching Data Analytics Package.