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MSN Pro Coaching is a coaching service unlike any other in the industry; one that combines world-class experience with distinguished education, knowledge, and accreditation. Founded by former professional cyclist, Mike Norton, MS, CSCS, his services bring the same level of detail, passion, and commitment that was previously reserved only for elite professionals to every athlete he coaches.


If you're looking to bring your game to the next level, you owe it to yourself to train with the very best in professional-grade coaching.

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We provide a comprehensive and condensed run down of your current physical state and full physiological capacity.

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We outline your current diet, analyze your fueling needs, and then craft a scientifically backed diet to revamp your performance.

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We offer all individuals an in-depth and personalized strength training package proven to increase performance in any sport.

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Create a custom coaching plan from a wide variety of services, including Biochemical Assessment, Physiological Testing, and more.

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About MSN Pro Coaching

ExperienceKnowledge& Commitment

These three guiding principles are the pillars upon which MSN Pro Coaching was created. They built the foundation that Mike Norton, MS, CSCS, President, first used in his own professional cycling career and again today as he guides others through his professional coaching services.

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