Data Analytics Analysis

With an armory of sensors available at Coach Norton’s and the athlete's disposal, the sheer volume of data available to the athlete is astounding.

If you purchase a Data Analytics Analysis with MSN Pro Coaching, Mike Norton, MS, CSCS will use the latest in data crunching software to provide a comprehensive and condensed run down of the athlete’s current physical state and full physiological capacity. To fully know where it is one has to go, it is important to know where one has been. Start mapping your personal and athletic journey here.

Mike Norton cycling data analytics on laptop

In-Depth Athletic Analysis

The Data Analytics Analysis package has been used by athletes and coaches across multiple sporting disciplines to get the most in depth and nuanced understanding of one’s total performance and capabilities.

Mike Norton will cumulate all relevant data from the past three years (with at least 6 months of data required) and then painstakingly scrub it for bad data and analyze every minutia present. Mike will then condense and present the information and his findings in a one-on-one webinar with the athlete and/or coach, where Mike will outline the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and limiters, all presented in the context of historical analysis.

At the end a prediction about athletic performance and potential will be made, bulleting key objectives for the athlete. The athlete is then left with a PDF copy of the report for future use.

Client Results

“A fine-tuned routine, workouts to suit the individual athlete, testing and many different forms of workouts, gets you out of the comfort zone, latest training/ testing techniques.”

– Elite Nationally Rated Du-Athlete & Cat. 3 Cyclist Coached for 4+ seasons