Professional Coaching

If you’re looking to bring your game to the next level, you owe it to yourself to train with the very best.

A coaching service unlike any other in the industry, the MSN Pro Coaching Professional Package offers the most comprehensive coaching service available to a select stable of dedicated athletes. This level of coaching, unprecedented in the endurance sports world outside of professional and Olympic teams, harnesses the full arsenal at MSN Pro Coaching’s disposal to create a completely customized, multi-dimensional program that is fully tailored to each individual athlete and their unique physiology, lifestyle, goals, and needs.

  • Weekly program with daily updates/alterations as needed
  • Access to full range of physiological testing included: at least one test per month recommended
  • Workouts prescribed in the highest of detail with unlimited alterations
  • Complete nutritional and dietary analysis
  • Biomechanical overview and video analysis
  • Detailed strength and conditioning program include instructional videos
  • Client only workout video library
  • Client only educational resource platform
  • Athletes only community network
  • Unlimited e-mail communication with maximum 24 hour response time
  • Minimum of one coach-initiated phone call per week
  • Monthly personal and group educational webinars
  • Quarterly reviews of training via data analytics throughout the season
  • Use of Training Peaks software
  • One month trial followed by six month minimum commitment
  • Separate $150 one-time start-up fee not included

Remote Training Resources

As needed, athletes have access to an educational and instructional video library, monthly personalized and group webinars, as well as client camps when needed.

Programs are monitored on a daily basis, with modifications made in real time ensuring that athletes remain completely focused and undistracted in their pursuit of the podium. Whether a serious master three time zones away, a promising Cat 1 looking to turn pro, the struggling domestic pro who needs to get his career back on track, or an up-and-coming junior dreaming of a place in the pros: your goals are too important to be restricted by geography. Receive the very highest level of coaching, regardless of your location.

Multi-faceted approach

MSN Pro Coaching brings a complete multi-faceted approach that encompasses the full spectrum of training services available: from cutting edge sports science to complete dietary analysis and sports psychology training.

Combine power- and heart rate-based training programs that specifically pinpoint the unique physiological strengths and weaknesses of each individual athlete, along with analysis of diet and sleep quality to ensure proper recovery and balance.

In-person training is replaced with unlimited communication leading to a completely customized program that is monitored daily and updated in real time. Athletes make up for their geographical distance with multiple mini-training camps during the season to train one-on-one with MSN Pro Coaching and take advantage of the full array of in-person services*.

*Camps include but are not limited to: physiological testing, bicycle fitting, tactical review, motor-paced training, race guidance, overview of training, resistance training guidance, use of indoor training center and more. These camps will focus on what you need to perform at your best and will be 3-4 days focused around you. This allows athletes at distance to have great coaching with one-on-one face time. Not included with cost of camps is travel and accommodations.